Most of my early attempts at HTML editing and Web Page production were originally made with some reference to the "Complete Idiot's Guide to HTML" (ISBN 0-780789 711465) .

The pages are now created first using MS Frontpage with some adjustments made with CUTEHTML.

 I use CUTEFTP for file transfers.

Digital Pictures up to December 2008 were taken on an Olympus C-3000 Zoom (a Curry’s version of the C-3030). After that, until January 2011 I used a Canon Powershot A720. Since January 2011 I use a Nikon D5000 (plus the Powershot for summer holidays etc)

Images are enhanced/edited/resized using PaintShop Pro v5 or V9 - or sometimes with Microsoft Picture It Photo 7. Posh edits (Jan 2011 on) are done using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

Older Panorama shots were done using the fabulous Photovista Panorama 3.0 - I now use Windows Photo Gallery which comes with Windows 7.

Pictures may have been re-sized using "Pixresizer"

Most travel albums are created with Web Album Creator

1) Blood Donors! It's not often you can do something for free, taking up 40 minutes of your time twice a year and which saves lives.

Blood Donors are always needed and I urge you all to think about  giving blood. I am O Rh Negative, which means that mine can go to anyone in an emergency. Trouble is.. I can only receive  Rhesus Negative blood back! Only 8% of the population have O' Neg blood'. Anyway - please think about it.

In the UK, Tel 0345 711711 for info. Or see Ceefax (BBC2) page 465. 

2) OLD CRASH HELMETS....Talking of emergency services..

Please don't throw-away old crash helmets. Instead, offer them to the local fire station, ambulance station etc as they are used for training purposes when teaching staff about road accidents and motorcycle casualties.

They are always in short supply and will be gratefully received.

3) Distant Memories of Youth (click link) Spot the  teenager

4) My link with Greyhounds

As you will see from my home page, having been introduced to them though Birmingham Greyhound Protection, we now have two in our family. If you are ever considering a dog as a pet, I can thoroughly recommend these. Not needing huge amounts of exercise, they can be left for hours as they sleep a lot, and they are very loving.




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