Rome 2004

(Tip - August is VERY hot)

The Forum and other old bits.....

The Colosseum

(Tip - save Palatine ticket to get in here also)

In the gardens of the Palatine

(Tip - save Colisseum ticket to get in here also)

The Forum at Night


The Pantheon

(old church with hole in roof - The "Occular")


Piazza Navaro




Piazza del Popolo

Santa Maria del Popolo (Chigi Chapel) - Piazza del Popolo

Spanish Steps - no flowers - and a damn great BMW advert!

Trevi Fountain Palazzo Senatorio - Capitol - view across Piazza del Campidoglio

The Vatican (The Pope's House)

St Peters' Square (Square???)

Vatican Museum - Corridor of Maps

Sistine Chapel  

Famous pointy-finger picture by Michelangelo


Pope's garden

Spiral Staircase in Vatican Museum
Other parts of Rome

Me with Jimi Hendrix - Hardrock Cafe, Via Venetto

St Peters' from the air - well worth the 18 each